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Gentle, effective care for you & your family

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Couve Chiropractic welcomes people from all walks and seasons of life. Whether you’re an athlete looking to speed up recovery time, a mama-to-be desiring a comfortable pregnancy, a babe just welcomed into the world, an adult dealing with post-accident issues, or anyone in between, we provide safe, effective care for you and your family.


Your treatments at Couve Chiropractic are a blend of manual and low force adjustments, soft tissue mobilization, craniosacral therapy, rehabilitative exercise, mind-body techniques, and nutrition and lifestyle coaching. The chiropractic experience we offer is set apart by not only our knowledge and expertise, but through connection, personal attention, and individualized care during each visit. 


We welcome you and your loved ones to Couve Chiropractic!  


  • ​Low back + pelvic pain

  • Sciatica

  • Neck + rib tension

  • Tingling + numbness

  • Instability of the neck/ low back

  • Headaches + migraines

  • Muscle tightness


  • Chronic stress + fatigue

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Colic, reflux, tongue tie, torticollis

  • Infant + child wellness check-ups

  • Lactation support

  • Discomfort during pregnancy

  • Postpartum recovery


"Dr. Nicole is a miracle worker! I came in with debilitating sciatic pain in my seventh month of pregnancy, and now it is nearly gone after about three visits. But besides that she is very compassionate and understanding, and very in tune with what I need, so grateful to have found her!"
                 - Allyssa B. -    

"Nicole has been great to work with. As an avid golfer, I battle tension in my upper back and neck and also suffer from headaches. Nicole's treatments always do the trick. She's also provided recommendations for at-home care that have been very helpful. It's nice to work with someone who gets to the root cause of your issues and really wants to see you get healthier."
- Jeremy W. -

"Nicole is amazing! Three visits and my baby was doing 100 times better! Seriously love her. So caring, passionate, and knowledgable. And I love that she took the time to get to know our daughter, played with her, walked with her, and made sure she was comfortable."
                 - Kayla O. - 

"Mamas, go for it! Nicole adjusted me during my pregnancy to prepare for labor and after delivery to realign. During our visits I have appreciated her medical advice, stretch routines, and the tools she used to support me! During a postpartum adjustment, my baby would not stop crying in the office and would not nurse comfortably. While talking with Nicole she learned more of our situation with my daughter’s feeding/body position issues and suggested going to an ENT to have her evaluated for a tongue tie. Thank God I followed through on that! My kiddo ended up having a tongue and lip tie . Nicole is knowledgeable on many fronts and her expertise lays in looking holistically at the mother/child when it comes to issues. I feel confident referring friends and colleagues her way!"
               - Emily D. - 

"Dr. Nicole has been absolutely wonderful durning my pregnancy. I was seeing a different chiropractor not feeling like the time and care was really going into my sessions. I didn't find Dr. Nicole until my third trimester and it was such a relief. She listens to you, your body and concerns as a pregnant woman. She works on all aspects of you body and helps prepare you for birth. Her space is tranquil and calming and I'm so happy I found her. I'll continue seeing her postpartum and recommend her to any other new moms in the area."               
              - Lindsey Z.-

"We love seeing Dr. Nicole at Couve Chiropractic! We were in search of a chiropractor for our newborn daughter and wanted someone who specialized in little babies. From our first visit we knew Dr. Nicole was the one, I was really nervous (tiny baby!) but she made us feel at ease with her calm manner and detailed explanations showcasing her expertise. We had so much confidence in Dr. Nicole after one visit with our newborn that now the whole family goes there. She is helping me with my postpartum recovery and my husband with chronic pain issues. She is a problem solver, truly cares and wants to help you find relief. Best chiropractor in the ‘Couve... could not recommend her enough!!"
               - Jamie C. -

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We are contracted with a number of insurance companies, and are happy to submit claims to your insurance company on your behalf. We encourage you to contact your insurance company to become familiar with any chiropractic benefits you may have. For a list of insurance companies that we are in network with, please go here. For more info, please contact


Inside the womb, babies can develop structural imbalances and nerve irritation due to awkward positioning. Being born can be an intense experience that places huge forces on your child’s delicate neck, skull, and spine. Gentle chiropractic care after birth can help relieve trauma from gestation, labor and delivery. It also helps babies dealing with colic, reflux, tongue tie, torticollis, and difficulties with breast or bottle feeding. For more information on pediatric chiropractic care, please go here.


We block a full hour for new patient visits, and 15 to 30 minutes for all follow-up appointments. There are no "cookie-cutter" protocols or treatment plans at Couve Chiropractic, as we truly believe in individualized, whole-person care. Each appointment will be slightly different, depending on what your body needs on any given day or season of life. 


A licensed chiropractor is trained to "palpate," or feel for movement and misalignments at the joints in your body. At synovial joints (such as many in your spine and extremities), there is a special fluid within the joint space called synovial fluid. When a chiropractor delivers certain types of adjustments, gas bubbles from the synovial fluid may be released, causing the audible popping noise, also known as a cavitation. Please note that a cavitation does not need to be heard for therapeutic benefit! 


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