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Dr. Andrew Marino, DC Vancouver Washington Chiropractor.jpg

Dr. Andrew Marino is passionate about  fitness, wellness, and longevity. He treats each patient individually, establishes their goals and accomplishes them! He strongly believes that pain is not a lifestyle. He encourages you to feel and be your best. It is his goal for patients to gain confidence in their bodies, lose fear of movement, and be the best versions of their mental and physical selves through chiropractic, exercise, nutrition, mindfulness, stretching, and lifestyle modifications. He finds joy in practice through educating his patients, making awful dad jokes, and forming relationships with each patient. 

Originally from the Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Dr. Marino moved to Vancouver in 2016 to attend chiropractic school. In his undergraduate studies he envisioned himself as a future medical doctor until his involvement in HOSA ,a health occupation club, educated him on chiropractic and it's use in treating musculoskeletal pain without the often serious side effects associated with prescription medication or surgery. 

Impacted by family members with substance abuse, Dr. Andrew Marino wants to help others without the positive feedback loop of injections, prescription pills, and preventable surgeries. He graduated from the University of Western States in Portland with his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Since then he has taken continuing education classes on Webster Technique for treating pregnant patients as well as techniques for treating newborns and children. 

In his free time, you’ll spot him at the gym, watching the latest sporting event, and spending quality time with his partner and two dogs. 


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