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Baby's Grasp

The postpartum period is not a "syndrome," but rather a time after childbirth. We can define the postpartum timeframe as 6 weeks, 3 months, 1 year, 7 years, or even the rest of a mother's life. 


Dr. Nicole believes that the quality of postpartum care a woman receives determines her recovery physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Unfortunately, our society has normalized the decline of many aspects of a woman's health and wellness after she gives birth. Instead, with well-rounded postpartum care and support, we should anticipate that a woman becomes stronger, healthier, and more vibrant throughout the parenthood transition. 

Just as skin-to-skin physical connection is important for you and your baby in the early postpartum period, hands-on chiropractic care can have a profound effect on mothers. In particular, postpartum chiropractic care may help with aches and pains from the birthing process, the rapid change in your biomechanics and center of gravity after delivery, lack of sleep, sitting for long periods while breast or bottle feeding your baby, and diastasis recti. 

At the core of societal health and wellness is maternal health and wellness, which is why we at Couve Chiropractic are on a mission to help mamas and their families thrive. 


Recovering from labor and delivery is no easy task. Once you are released from medical or midwifery care, there is often little to no instruction or help with the recovery process. Our current medical model expects that by the 6-week mark, all women can "bounce back" to exercise, sexual intercourse, and life as it was before baby. We can do better, and the mothers of our society most certainly deserve better.

Based on your birth story, your body's symptomatology, where you are at both physically and mentally, and your unique breastfeeding, fitness, and personal goals, you and Dr. Nicole will develop a postpartum plan. This may include breath work, gentle rehabilitative movements, Cesarian scar massage, chiropractic adjustments, and a gynovisceral manipulation protocol. Please click here for more information on gynovisceral therapy and its benefits to women within and beyond the childbearing continuum. 

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